The Classy Canine - Your Dog's Guide to Proper Petiquette

The Classy Canine is a private dog training business based in Norwell, MA. The training techniques used are focused entirely on positive reinforcement - using praise, treats, and environmental rewards as incentives for your dog to learn.  This type of dog friendly training is completely force free, and an extremely effective, efficient, and fun way for your dog to learn!

(To View The Association of Professional Dog Trainers' definition of 'DOG FRIENDLY' training, click on ICON to left)

The Classy Canine offers two approaches to private dog training, Client Coaching, or Day Training. For a comparison of these two training approaches, please click here.
 Here are some of the biggest benefits you'll see to training your dog using positive reinforcement:
  • Your dog will visibly enjoy it
  • It's mentally stimulating, which means your dog will actually be tired afterwards. A tired dog is a happy dog!
  • Fearful, anxious, and reactive dogs tend to be much more responsive to positive training
  • It's fast, easy, and effective regardless of your dog's age or training history
  • The training is humane and won't harm your dog, either physically or psychologically
  • Your dog actually learns  and consistently exhibits good behaviors  
  • It helps create an incredibly strong bond between a dog and owner
  • Once your dog learns the fundamentals, the training possibilities are endless!

Betsy's Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Services include, but are not limited to:
  • Basic Manners Education Consultations & Customized Private Training Programs for Puppies, Adolescents and New Adoptions
  • On Leash and Off Leash Etiquette/Socialization
  • Behavior Adjustment Training for Reactive and Undersocialized Dogs